Where To Buy Succulents in Michigan? Local or Online!

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Succulents come in attractive colors and shapes and make beautiful indoor or outdoor plants. They’re also easy to care for, making them great for beginners. Where are the best places to buy them locally or online if you’re based in Michigan? 

Here are the best places to buy succulents in Michigan: 

  1. Grand Rapids Succulents 
  2. JW Succulents
  3. Downtown Home & Garden
  4. Planet Desert
  5. The Succulents Shoppe
  6. Goldner Walsh Garden and Home
  7. Mountain Crest Gardens
  8. Sawyer Garden Center
  9. Graye’s Greenhouse
  10. Succulents Box

Let’s take a closer look at these succulent suppliers and discover why they’re highly recommended.

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  1. Garden Rapids Succulents

As their name suggests, Grand Rapids Succulents is located in Grand Rapids. They have a large greenhouse, where they grow their extensive range of succulents. 

Some of the most popular varieties among customers include: 

  • Huernia zebrina
  • Anacampseros rufescens 
  • Haworthia aristata

All of their succulents come in high-quality pots. You can also buy a gift card for the succulent lover in your life. 

Grand Rapids Succulents regularly has pop-up markets in and around Grand Rapids, but you can also buy succulents from them online — although you’ll need to spend $59.99 to qualify for free shipping. 

If you want to shop via their online store and your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping, you can always arrange to collect your order. 

  1. JW Succulents

JW Succulents is based in New Holland Street in Hudsonville (west of Grand Rapids) and is a well-established succulent seller and grower. They have a large and well-stocked greenhouse and always have some interesting varieties and something new to offer customers. 

Some of their most popular succulent types include: 

  • Crested Eve’s Needle cactus 
  • Mammillaria diocia 
  • String dolphins

Unfortunately, the only way to buy from JW Succulents is to visit them at their greenhouse, as they don’t have an official website or online store. However, it’s worth following their Facebook, and Instagram pages as these are where they advertise upcoming sales and other events. 

  1. Downtown Home & Garden

If you love succulents and are based in Ann Arbor, you should definitely visit Downtown Home & Garden on South Ashley Street. Although they sell a wide range of plants and other interesting products, they also have a fantastic variety of succulents and have been in business since 1906. 

Downtown Home & Garden receive a delivery of new succulents every week, and it’s always interesting to see their new and exciting succulent offerings. 

If you want to buy succulents from Downtown Home & Garden, you need to visit their physical store as they don’t sell online. 

  1. Planet Desert

If you don’t mind ordering from the other side of the country, Planet Desert is a popular online succulent seller based in Southern California. They have one of the most extensive succulent catalogs, so if you’re looking for something rare, they’re an excellent place to start. 

Shopping on Planet Desert’s user-friendly website is a pleasure, and any succulent fan will enjoy browsing their selection of plants and cuttings in various sizes. 

Examples of some of their most popular succulent varieties include: 

  • Aloe Night Sky 
  • Carrunthus peersii
  • Echeveria Lovely Rose
  • Pelargonium xerophyton
  • Senecio oxyriifolius

One of their bestselling products is their monthly succulent subscription box, which offers you a hand-picked selection of exciting succulents and accessories. Each box comes with clear care instructions and a collectible card. 

If you have a weakness for succulents, consider joining their rewards club, where you can earn points to spend against future purchases. 

  1. The Succulents Shoppe

If you’re based in Brighton and want to shop in a spacious setting for interesting succulents, head to East Grand River Avenue and visit The Succulents Shoppe. You can always shop via their online store if you can’t get to their physical store.

This specialist shop sells many different succulent varieties and a small range of other plants. Their sales associates are knowledgeable in succulent care and can recommend the best variety for you if you’re unsure of what to pick. 

You may enjoy using succulents as home decor as they come in interesting shapes and colors. In that case, The Succulents Shoppe sells beautiful bundles in various colors to suit your home: 

  • Pink and black
  • Pink
  • Pastel shades
  • Assorted colors

The Succulents Shoppe is incredibly passionate about what they do and want to teach the world about succulents with their informative workshops for novice succulent lovers. 

If you’re a seasoned succulent owner, The Succulent Shoppe’s cost-effective bundles might be a good option for you. 

  1. Goldner Walsh Garden and Home

Goldner Walsh Garden and Home is one of the best places to buy succulents in the Greater Detroit area. It’s located on Orchard Lake Road in Pontiac, where you can browse their plants and succulents. 

Popular succulents that Goldner Walsh Garden and Home sell include: 

  • Mangave lavender lily
  • Stenocereus queretaroensis
  • Mangave silver fox
  • Mangave Catch a Wave 

If you prefer online shopping, you could always shop in their online store and have your succulents delivered straight to your doorstep. 

  1. Mountain Crest Gardens

Though they’re not based in Michigan, Mountain Crest Gardens is one of the leading online succulent sellers. They market themselves as the ultimate succulent store, and if you’ve ever browsed their succulent collection, you’ll understand why they make this claim. 

Mountain Crest Gardens offers an extensive product range, including over 700 varieties. Their most popular offerings include: 

  • Rare succulents
  • Assorted succulent trays
  • Indoor succulents
  • Sampler succulent sets
  • Subscription service

If you’re unsure about growing succulents, this store includes a free succulent with each order — which is definitely a plus. 

  1. Sawyer Garden Center

Sawyer Garden Center is located on Sawyer Road in southwestern Michigan. As a large and established garden center, it focuses on plants — though they do have an extensive succulent section. Sawyer Garden Center is an excellent choice if you prefer your succulent supplier to have varied and changing stock. They typically sell succulents in season and receive frequent deliveries of new stock to keep things interesting for their customers. 

They sell gift cards online, which are perfect for friends or family members who have green thumbs and are based in Harbor Country. 

If you can’t get to Sawyer, you can also shop in their online store and have your succulents delivered. Alternatively, place an order and take advantage of their curbside pick-up service. 

  1. Graye’s Greenhouse

Graye’s Greenhouse is an independent plant seller focusing on houseplants and succulents. Their greenhouse is on North Lilley Road in Plymouth, where you can browse their hand-selected succulent selection, which come loose or in pots. 

Some examples of succulents you can find at Graye’s Greenhouse include: 

  • Echeveria
  • Burro’s tail
  • Zebra plant
  • Christmas cactus

Shopping at Graye’s Greenhouse is a great experience, and if you’re a cat lover as well, you might appreciate cute felines roaming around the area.

Graye’s Greenhouse has been around for around 100 years and is the go-to houseplant store for many Plymouth residents. They also host occasional workshops where you can learn more about caring for succulents. 

Unfortunately, you can’t order their succulents online. Still, shopping at their physical location is worth it. 

  1. Succulents Box

Are you looking for a fun and fuss-free way to shop for succulents? If so, Succulents Box might be the best option for you. 

Succulents Box is a large online succulent seller best known for their succulents subscription box. Subscribing to this box is an excellent idea because the value almost always far exceeds the subscription cost, and it’s an easy way to build your succulent collection. 

Instead of being pleasantly surprised every month with a delightful succulent box, you can also shop via their online store. Here, they have over 300 succulent varieties, including: 

  • Hanging or trailing 
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Miniature
  • Rosette
  • Rare 

If you’re new to succulents, you can buy one of their succulent growing kits, which give you clear instructions and everything you need to get started.

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